1) Leoš Janáček. Birth and education

Watch an animated video which briefly illustrates Janáček's birth, his arrival in Brno and his student days. Created in cooperation between the artist Vendula Chalánková and the animators Tomoko Lisá and David Lisý.

Try the online memory game with musical excerpts from Janáček's compositions.

2) Leoš Janáček. How hard he worked

The second animated video created by the animators Oksana Rogožina and Jan Smrčka with the artist Vendula Chalánková shows Janáček's intensive work in Brno, his study of speech melodies as well as the trials and tribulations surrounding the staging of his now-famous opera Jenůfa. 

Play another set of the music memory game, this time you can choose from three levels of difficulty.

3) Leoš Janáček. How he became famous

The third and final animated video created once more by Vendula Chalánková, Oksana Rogožina and Jan Smrčka. It portrays Janáček's "great old age", the last ten years of his life when he wrote his major works which are famous across the world today.

And don't forget to try out musical memory!