A trail maps out the locations and buildings where Janáček lived, composed, conducted, taught, heard the premieres of his compositions, met with friends, went for walks, etc.

To make it easier to get around, the individual places are numbered, and it is possible to walk to the majority of these (1 to 16), or take public transport for any longer stretches. From the first stop at Mendlovo náměstí, to the sixteenth stop (Mahen Theatre), the route is approximately 5.6 kilometres long. For the last two places (17 and 18), which are further from the centre, we would recommend using public transport. 

In addition, we offer also information on another four locations lying outside of Brno which are connected to Leoš Janáček. It only takes a few minutes on the train to Bílovice nad Svitavou and Rajhrad, or you could even go by bike. Luhačovice and Hukvaldy are further from Brno, and though they are connected to Janáček, both places are worth visiting in their own right.

As a guide on the trail TIC BRNO published a printed publication In the footsteps of Leoš Janáček. Brno City Guide. For sale in e-shop or in information centers. A small version of the guide, the brochure Leoš Janáček in Brno, is available in the information centers.

There are information panels in the centre of Brno with texts, photos and QR codes linking to this site. Recently QR codes have also been added, which refer to excerpts from Janáček's music.

You can now follow in the Maestro's steps across Brno with the Loxper mobile app. The trail follows the places listed in the printed guide published by TIC BRNO and the description of the trail on this website. Part of the trail includes puzzles, extracts of Janáček's music and animated photographs of Janáček with audio commentary provided using artificial intelligence. A gift awaits you at IC Radnická for successfully completing the trail!   

download for Android and iOS
download for Android and iOS

Examples of processing Janáček's photography with artificial intelligence technologies in the Loxper mobile application.

The trail In the Footsteps of Leoš Janáček can be followed:

  • individaully using the mobile phone with Loxper application
  • individually using the printed guide and map, with the length depending on preference and time available
  • in the form of a guided tour in Czech, English, German or Russian without entry to the interiors, tour length ca 3 hours, the lenght can be adapted to the needs of the group
  • in the form of a guided tour in Czech, English, German or Russian including a tour of the Leoš Janáček Memorial and the interior of the Mahen Theatre, tour length ca 4 hours, the lenght can be adapted to the needs of the group
A written request should be sent to TIC BRNO at least two weeks prior to the required date at the email address

Price* according to the number of people:

Up to 4 people 66 EUR

5-14 people 78 EUR

15-24 people 98 EUR

25-40 people 118 EUR

*Payment in cash or by credit card at the information centre at the Old Town Hall on the day of the tour or by invoice.

Additional charge for a tour of the Leoš Janáček Memorial and the interior of the Mahen Theatre 70 CZK / 3 EUR per person.


The Augustinian Abbey of St Thomas in Old Brno


Mendlovo náměstí 

(Mendel Square)


Zelný trh

(Vegetable Market)


Stopka's Pilsner Pub


Chlumecký Palace - Lidové noviny newspaper


Barvič and Novotný bookshop


U Polenků Restaurant


Hotel Slavia


Besední dům (Beseda House)


Czech National Theatre in Brno

on Veveří street




ChleborádovaVilla - The Organ School


The Leoš Janáček Memorial


Stadion Hall


Lužánky Park


Mahenovo divadlo

(Mahen Theatre)


The Slavonic Teachers' Training Institute


Brno Central Cemetery

Bílovice nad Svitavou

The Benedictine Abbey in Rajhrad